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400 Years of the Telescope, March Newsletter

The 400 Years of the Telescope IYA partner project has come out with their March 2008 newsletter! Please go check it out. Topics covered include:
  • Shooting Historical Reenactments: Galileo at Arcetri
  • Subaru Telescope Searches Near and Far
  • IYA2009 News
  • The GLOBE at Night Campaign: Improving Dark Skies Awareness
  • Donald Goldsmith: Teacher and Science Popularizer
  • From the US IYA 2009 Committee
  • The Man who would be Galileo…
  • Krista Shelby: An Intercontinental Internship
  • The Astronomical League: We are amateur astronomy today!
  • Stunning Wallpaper Images from the 400 YofT Production Gallery




International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA)