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Biosphere 2 and IYA

Biosphere 2 IYA display Biosphere 2 in Oracle north of Tucson, Arizona, hosted a crowd of 75 people for a ceremonial unveiling of a NASA Great Observatories multiwavelength image of the galaxy M101 in honor of IYA2009 on Saturday, Feb. 21. The informative 45-minute session featuring speakers including Travis Huxman, the director of Biosphere 2, University of Arizona (UA) astronomer George Rieke, who told the story of the Great Observatories program back to its roots, and Adam Block from the UA Mount Lemmon Sky Center public observing program.  US IYA2009 SPoC Doug Isbell gave an overview of IYA, with handouts on the Galileoscope and GLOBE at Night 2009, which is coming soon from March 16-28. To see the NASA images, visit this website .


International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA)