Saturn's Moons - Frame 1  
NASA, ESA, and E. Karkoschka (University of Arizona)
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Program Coordinators:

Susana Deustua
Space Telescope Science Institute
Doug Isbell
IYA Single Point of Contact
Peter Stockman
Space Telescope Science Institute
  Classrooms and Families
Andrew Fraknoi
Foothill College/ASP
  Dark Skies Are a Universal Resource
Connie Walker
National Optical Astronomy Observatories
  Looking Through a Telescope
Rick Fienberg
Sky & Telescope
  New Media
Pamela L. Gay
  New Media
Michael Koppelman
University of Minnesota
  Research Experiences for Students, Teachers and Citizen-Scientists
Aaron Price
AAVSO, SIUE/AstronomyCast
  Cultural Astronomy & Storytelling
Jarita C. Holbrook
University of Arizona
  Science Centers, Observatory Visitor Centers, and Planetaria
Peter Michaud
Gemini Observatory
  Telescope Kits and Optics Challenges
Stephen Pompea
National Optical Astronomy Observatory


International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA)