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First UNAWE Programme in the United States: Discovering My Universe

“Discovering My Universe” is a Riverside County Library System program for a network comprised of 33 library branches and museum located in southern California. The program is designed to provide outreach to the immediate community of three million in the county area, over 40% of which are Hispanic, and to the broader community in southern California and beyond. 
The program introduces young children to their universe via a series of monthly library based pre-school and primary grade bi-lingual storytimes and related crafts during the International Year of Astronomy 2009 along with celebrating a special day of astronomy on or near October 24, 2009, in conjunction with the Astronomical League Fall IYA2009 activities. In subsequent years, the project will coordinate special library based storytimes on or near International Astronomy Day. 
The project will also add free downloadable Astronomy related storytime reading selections and craft templates on the Riverside County Library System website for educators or the general public to access, along with increasing the number of links to children friendly Astronomy sites on the Riverside County Library System Web site.



International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA)