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Riverwoods Field Lab Has Already Begun Celebrating The 2009 IYA!

Star Party Guest Post by Christopher Stephan, Education Specialist, Riverwoods Field Lab : Riverwoods Field Laboratory, part of Florida Atlantic University’s Center for Environmental Studies ( has already begun celebrating the 2009 IYA! Riverwoods is a comprehensive Education and Research Center focused on environmental science and education. Our Education Program hosts secondary students and community groups for either one day or overnight workshops. Since we are located on the Kissimmee River in rural Highlands County, Florida, our night skies are very dark. We have developed a new Astronomy Program with lessons that include fun facts and field activities to view the moon, stars and constellations for students and adults.

This is a new venture for Riverwoods Field Lab. Our Director, Loisa Kerwin feels that the Explore Your Night Sky Program is an excellent complement to our Field Studies conducted on the Kissimmee River.  We are excited to help celebrate the 2009 International Year of Astronomy and share the passion for learning about our Night Skies.



International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA)