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Second Life

Second Life is a very popular multi-user virtual environment where users create the content of the world. Over the past two years Second Life has seen a growing audience of science and nature related islands, exhibits, and interactive spaces. The SciLands Consortium is the lead in this group and they have formed a super-continent of over 20 science organizations – NOAA, NASA, JPL, Nature, Exploratorium, The Tech Museum of Innovation, Mars Institute, among many others. In addition, the educator community has grown leaps and bounds with over 100 university and college presences. Technology education groups like the New Media Consortium, Educause, and International Society for Technology Education works with educators worldwide on social learning and immersive education projects in Second Life.

The New Media Task Group of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 is happy to announce that we will have a presence in Second Life(R) made possible through the generous support of sponsors, including Interstellar Studios, University of Arizona Department of Astronomy, and individuals who have graciously donated L$ (Linden Dollars) for
our project. Our island, named ‘Astronomy 2009′, resides within The SciLands, a mini-continent of science and nature themed islands.

Adrienne Gauthier (SL: Ourania Fizgig) at The University of Arizona’s Department of Astronomy manages the design and development of the IYA2009 SL presence under the auspices of the IYA 2009 New Media Task Group managed by Dr. Pamela Gay of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and the popular Astronomy Cast.

Please get more information here: as well as a teleport link to our presence in Second Life!


International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA)