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Welcome to IYA!


To make the International Year of Astronomy a reality, we need your help! The International Year of Astronomy seeks donations to fully support all of the exciting projects and programs planned for 2009.

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Programs needing your help

The Galileoscope

From Earth to the Skies

Dark Skies Awareness

Second Life IYA Program Island

Planetarium Shows

These projects, coordinated by the US IYA2009 project office, will have a significant impact on the US public, but only with your help!



Your donations are tax deductible in the United States where allowed. All donations are administered through the American Astronomical Society , a 501(c)3 non-profit and an organizing body of the US-IYA program. The donation links above will redirect you to a secure website that can handle your credit card donations. For information on corporate giving or other questions regarding donations to IYA, please contact Kevin Marvel .


Ways to Volunteer for IYA

Are you looking forward to the International Year of Astronomy 2009? Want to help but don’t know how? Here are some ways you can jump in, get involved, and make IYA the greatest-ever global celebration of astronomy!

Visit both the U.S. and the International websites to learn about IYA projects that are being planned.

Tell your friends-spread the word. Let all your friends know about IYA. Email them. Post a link in the forums you’re a member of. Give an IYA presentation to your local astronomy club.

Bookmark us with is a popular social bookmarking service. Add one for IYA.

Blog about us.

Link to us. If you have a website, put a link to .

Find us a donor/sponsor. We hope to reach millions of people through the International Year of Astronomy. Do you know someone who’d like to sponsor us? It would be great exposure for businesses to partner with us. Please let them know.

Donate. Even a small donation can help us spread the word and contribute to valuable programs.

We need a few talented volunteers who can commit more substantial time. Are you or do you know a savvy graphic artist? Would you like to help maintain our IYA forum discussions?

Get involved in the Forums. You can help create excitement and bounce your ideas around with other like-minded individuals in the

Suggest an improvement. We’re trying to make IYA a year to be remembered as well as an extension for other great astronomy programs. We’d love to hear any suggestions you have on how we can improve it. Email us at. .

Do you want to hold or sponsor a local star party?

Send us your images of doing IYA outreach or hosting an IYA event.

IYA Preview at Dragon*Con

Richard Hatch & IYAOn Labor Day weekend the city of Atlanta, Georgia, was invaded by approximately 45,000 Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, and Science fans. Mixed in with this swarming mass of costumed individuals, movie and television stars, and writers were a handful of astronomers. Drs Pamela L. Gay, Phil Plait, Bill Keel, and Kevin Grazier, along with IYA’s Doug Isbell were there to talk about astronomy and introduce people to the upcoming International Year of Astronomy.

At this conference, dozens of talks touched on Astronomy, and several 1000 buttons and fliers promoting IYA  were distributed from a booth, and in the Space, Podcasting, and Skeptisim tracks. The IYA booth was centrally located between the main vendor rooms and provided IYA team members a great oppurtunity to communicate our ideas for next year to con attendees and hear what people had to say. Everyone seemed to be excited about next year and we can’t wait to return in 2009 and share with all our new friends all the things we’re able to accomplish.

While at Dragon*Con we snapped many pictures of heros and monsters, actors, and regular Joes all visiting our booth. Check them out on Flickr !


International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA)